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Hardware overview

Overview of the H60 device.

The H60 solution are sold as a main unit where an additional heat pump specific cable has to be purchased for the specific need.

The first thing to do is to attach the cable to the main unit. For this, remove 4 screws at the bottom of the main unit box and open the cover. Attach the interface cable circuit board on the two header connectors on the main board. Make sure to align it properly on the pins the right way. Miss aligning the interface could damage the electronics.

Now attach the cover again using the 4 screws.

The USB Port

On the side there is a micro USB port that are normally not used. The intended use is to support advanced management and special occasions. Don’t ever connect a power source or computer to the USB port at the same time the H60 is connected to a heat pumps power. This could cause damage to the Computer, H60 unit and the heat pump.


The device has two buttons on its side.
The Reset button will restart the unit, normally never used.

By holding the Init button for 3-5 seconds, the unit will be put in AP mode and reset the Wi-Fi credentials for initialisation. See support section.


Red led is flashing irregular when the unit has contact with and communication with the heat pump.

Green led is Wi-Fi Connection status and should flash slowly in normal operations.

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