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Husdata Online (if enabled)

When H60 is installed and all seem to work according to LED statuses and web page, it will start uploading statistics to the Husdata online system every 5 minutes.

Log in to Husdata.se with the by mail supplied account to view real-time information, build reports and configure notification for certain thresholds. It will take 5 minutes before you see the first data.

H60 Web portal


Gives you an overview of your H60 status like its Version, Signal strength, Uptime and statistics. Also you will se a list of the sensors for the heat pump and their current value.

Menu-Heat pump

Here you can change settings of your heat pump like indoor temp and heat curve settings.

NOTE! Settings are not limited to any boundaries. If you for example only can set the indoor temperature between 10 and 30 degrees using the heat pump display you could set it to 50 degrees in this interface. This will give unpredictable effects on your heat pump operations so please enter values that are valid and verify on heat pump display that they are set properly.


View and make changes to the configuration. See full parameter list at the end of this document.


View about 30 rows of the last messages from the H60 system. The log will reset it self when it gets too large. If first startup log is getting to long it will be stored under the “Startup” log button before cleared. So you can always access the startup information.



Use the ticket function of you like to ask a question or need help. Check the boxes for Configuration and/or Log file to include that in the ticket. You will get a copy by mail.

Remote Assistance

Husdata can remote assist you if you have big problems with the unit. To enable Remote Assistance you enter the port number that has been agreed with Husdata.

If enabled, Husdata can access your H60 for trouble shooting and make necessary updates.

Update firmware

View the current version and new available version. If they differ you can update your unit by selecting the “UPDATE” button. The update takes about 20-30 sec. Please try to access the unit after 30 sec and verify that it has the new version. Please don’t disconnect the H60 from power while it is updating. After update, please view the Configuration if there are any new parameters that has been added and needs attention.


Restart the H60


Logout from H60

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