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Quick start guide

  1. Attach the Heat pump specific interface cable to the H60 main unit. See the user manual for your heat pump cable on how to do this properly.
  2. Connect H60 to your Heat pump
    Connect the H60 to your heat pump following the specific instructions for your heat pump type. Power up heat pump.
  3. Check the status
    Now the H60 GREEN LED will flash fast telling that it is in Access Point configuration mode (only if first start and WiFi has not been set).
    Access Point (AP) means that it is visible as a device you can connect to using Wi-Fi, just as a router. If the GREEN-LED is not flashing fast, push the button on H60 and hold it between 2 seconds until then green led if flashing fast telling it si in AP mode.
  4. Connect to H60 Access Point
    Use your Smartphone (Apple or Android) or a computer with WiFi and connect to the H60 as follows.
    Go to WiFi setting on your phone/computer and scan for networks. You should find a Network (SSID) called “Husdata H60”. Select to connect to that network. No password needed.
  5. Access the H60 web-portal for configuration
    Next, start a browser (Safari, Google chrome, IE) and type in “husdata.net” in the address field. Now you should be able to access the web portal of the H60 and its welcome page.
  6. Make the initial configuration
    Fill in:
    • SSID home network key. Note that it is case sensitive.
    • Passwird to your home network (also case sensitive)
    • EMAIL: We recommend you enter your email address so that the H60 can mail you the IP Address the H60 at startup if you like to access this portal later for additional configuration or monitoring. It will also send you a mail with guidance information if something goes wrong.
    • When finished, click SAVE AND RESTART button.

  7. Finalizing If all works you should have got an email from when H60 starts up with som info.
  8. Done, check Troubleshooting section in this manual to verify correct start up sequence.

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